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Cell Phone Stun Guns Review

Cell phone stun guns, like any other stun devices, are an extremely effective form of self-defense that may be lawfully purchased and transported in the majority of areas within the USA. Cell Phone Stun Guns Images

The Pretender is one of the very best brands of cell phone stun guns.  Since the Pretender cell phone stun gun appears completely similar to an actual cell phone as it allows the user to carry these devices and never have to feel self-conscious about noticeably holding a weapon of self-defense.

In my humble thoughts and opinion, I feel that making everyone know you are having a weapon of some sort could prove to create more problems than it actually averts. Being just over three inches tall this device is extremely convenient to carry in your pocket. In this article below, we will be taking a look at the Cell Phone Stun Gun review.

The cell phone stun gun, again like other devices of its kind, is more humane option to say a firearm. A stun device is intended to, as humanely as it can be, subdue an attacker but to leaving himPictures of Cell Phone Stun Guns completely unharmed at all. This of course cannot be said for a firearm whose purpose is to stop an attacker by a bullet doing some serious physical damage to the body that might lead to a serious and potentially long-lasting injury or even death.

On top of all this, in this cell phone stun gun review, we will also be looking at what makes this cell phone stun gun stand out. No other manufacturer has uniquely blend top quality features at such a budget-friendly price in the safety gun market like the cell phone stun gun.

Now let’s talk a little about the stopping power and just what kind of stopping power a device that packs this type of voltage has. The Pretender cell phone stun gun prodCell Phone Stun Guns Imagesuces a 4.5 million volt charge which I assure you will ground even the most ferocious attacker whatever that attacker may be on.

Pepper spray is very effective, however, many attackers (especially the ones that are amped up on PCP, or any other strong drug) may deal with the pain and continue his mission. This will never be the case with a stun device as the electric powered current disrupts the neurological impulses of the attacker’s brain and leaves them without no choice but to drop like a rock and roll.

In that light, with a device this powerful I believe that some attackers might not even have to be touched with the stun gun, just open fire 4.5 million volts into the air and find out what the deafening crackle of electricity will do to change an intruders brain.

FeCell Phone Stun Guns Photosar not inadvertently shocking yourself with this device as it comes with two levels to help protect its consumer from accidental release. The safety switch must maintain on position (this may cause an LED caution light to come on) and the trigger button pressed prior to the device will operate. I am hoping this review has been of assistance.

In conclusion, cell phone stun guns are very effective self-defense products and safe when used in the correct way. The Pretender is one of the best cell phone type stun gun models with a 3-in-one unique function: alarm, stun gun and flashlight. It is a great value in a compact stun gun. Buy a cell phone stun gun and enjoy the feeling of having a effective personal protection device readily on hand if needed.

Pretender Mobile Cell Phone Stun Gun 1 Million Volt by Zap Stun Guns

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