Do Taser Guns Work

Do Taser Guns Work.

You maybe be wondering do taser guns work? Well of course taser guns work or they would not be used by police and security agencies around the world and
Do Taser Guns Work Photos also by millions of civilians for self defense. They certainly do work to take down any type of assailant.

Remember we are talking taser guns here not stun guns, which require you to actually touch the stun gun to the person to render the charge to the attacker.

Tasers can be used when you are a distance away from your attacker, are more powerful and therefore a more formidable self defense weapon.

How Do Taser Guns Work?

Do Taser Guns Work pictureThe taser gun achieves its great stopping power is by delivering a immobilizing electric shock to the body of the target. The different models of tasers have different modes of carrying the charge to the assailant.

This is usually achieved by means of charged barbs that shoot out from the taser and attach themselves to the persons body. Thin wires carry the electricity  from the taser to projectile barbs delivering the shocking charge. The barbs can penetrate clothing to still deliver their current of electrictiy.

Taser guns are classed as electroshock weapons that uses electrical current applied to an attacking which results in “neuromuscular incapacitation” as an effect. The attacker stricken by this weapon usually experiences disruption in his motor nerves and sensory nerves.

The incapacitated assailant is now unable to move their muscles stopping them from anydo taser guns work image further assault and you will have now time to escape.

Do not worry the taser is non lethal and only causes temporary incapacitation and inflects no significant or long-term damage to the target.

So if you have been wondering do tasers work you can be assured they do or they would be as popular as they have become as professional and personal self defense devices.

Taser Gun: How it works

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