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X26 Taser Gun Handheld Taser In Action 

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Handheld Taser, Most of you have heard about it, some of you may have even seen it, but when it comes to putting down a Images of Handheld Tasertarget individual using less-than lethal force, nothing beats Taser International’s X26 Stun Gun. While the beginning of …

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Phazzer Titan better than Taser X26image of handheld taser

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The Phazzer Titan is the undisputed champion of hand to body contact drive stun guns and delivers the most effective high voltage to low amperage output level at 2500KV and approx. 1.25mA which creates a legitimate NMI effect if targeting …

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Hand Held Tasers – FAQ’s And The Answers by Jeff Schuman

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Are you loopicture of handheld taserking into hand held tasers for your personal security, but can’t decide if this is the wise decision for you? Then you first need to be aware of the most frequently asked questions about tasers and the answers for them. Understanding …

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Hand held taser

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01/03/2015 18:00

handheld taser

Tasers can be described as a range of hand-held weapons delivering a shock of electricity using a pair of wires pushed by the compressed air from a distance of 10.6 mts. The shock produced by these non lethal weapons cause an irrepressible contraction of muscle tissues thereby staggering the target.

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 G2 ISSN 2044-0863Handheld Taser Images
Electroshock to the Handheld Taser, but can be delivered to a maximum effective range of 30.48 metres, combining blunt force trauma of the baton round with the electroshock incapacitation. Weapons firing baton rounds, rubber or plastic bullets of various

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Taser® X2™, X3®, X26™, And M26™ HandheldECD Warnings …Handheld Taser Pictures
1 TASER® X2™, X3®, X26™, and M26™ Handheld ECD Warnings, Instructions, and Information: Law Enforcement Important ECD Product Safety and Health Information

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