Taser Guns for Sale


Taser Guns for Sale

If you are looking for Taser guns for sale you have come to the right place – we can direct you to some of the cheapest Taser guns on the market – as well as many other similar protaser guns for sale photoducts.

Everyone is in the right to defend yourself from attack – to enjoy life people need to be and feel safe when they are out and about, in their cars or in their home. Part of being safe is having the right tools for the job – tools like Taser guns.

Taser Guns

You will find taser guns to be one of the most effective tools on the market when it comes to self defense – there’s a good reason so many police forces use them to help take down “perps” without the use of lethal force.

Taser Guns for sale to civilians don’t quite have the power of those used by thtaser guns for sale imagee police – but they still pack one hell of a punch and are more than enough to help you fight off any attacker.

These guns work by sending in an electrical current to the person you aim at. This current disrupts what is known as the ‘voluntary control muscles’ – that is to say that the person hit by such a charge loses all control over their motor functions as the electricity sends them into spasm.

taser guns for sale pictureThis sort of disruption is known as neuromuscular incapacitation is very effective at incapacitating an opponent for long enough to get away – or even secure them for the police to get there if you are so inclined.

So whilst Taser guns for sale to civilians may not be as effective at knocking a man out as those you see on the TV show “Cops” that doesn’t mean they lack the juice needed to help you defend yourself. They do – and more besides!


Future Weapons: Taser gun

A Taser is an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles. Its manufacturer, Taser International, calls the effe…

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X26 TASER Extended Digital Power Magazine (XDPM)

Has an internal memory chip that records vital operational status information including remaining power level, energy cell performance, and life expectancy for the energy cell pack under varying temperatures and loads. This is graphically displayed on the TASER® X26™ CID giving you confidence that the device is powered and ready if critical situations arise. Battery pack allows for approximately 200 10-second firings.

Each Taser device includes a one (1) year factory warranty. To increase the life of the photos of taser guns for salewarranty on a Taser device, you can purchase a DPM with an extended warranty of one (1) year or four (4) years, thus decreasing the cost of repair and replacement of the device for an additional length of time.


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images of taser guns for sale TASER StrikeLight

The flashlight’s stun gun deploys a loud, intimidating electric stun arc as an initial deterrent to threats. Unlike the X26 and other law enforcement products, the StrikeLight doesn’t fire projectiles to cause neuro-muscular incapacitation. It’s stun capacity can be used to repel close-range threats.

The stun gun is paired with an 80-lumen flashlight that reaches 55 feet with a 70-degree beam angle


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Taser International Wikipedia

TASER International, Inc. is an American developer, manufacturer, and distributor of the Taser electroshock gun in the United States . … Read more …

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