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Why Taser Guns For Self Defense Are A Great Option

Taser Guns For Self Defense are a great non-lethal self protection option. Defending yourself against any mishap is the responsibility of your own, as there is a whopping rise in the number of criminal cases like burglary, house invasions, assaults on women, robberies, murder, etc.

While there are many self defense weapons present in the market nowadays, one admired non lethal variation in this array is the Taser gun.

Millions of soldiers, police personnel and even citizen carry this real-life stun weapon with a view to protecting themselves and their family from any uncertainty. These devices have been designed to incapacitate someone temporarily without any long-term damagtaser guns for defense picturee.

About Tasers

Tasers can be described as a range of hand-held weapons delivering a shock of electricity using a pair of wires pushed by the compressed air from a distance of 10.6 mts.

The shock produced by these non lethal weapons cause an irrepressible contraction of muscle tissues thereby staggering the target. This makes your target to immobilize and fall on the ground irrespective of the mental focus and pain tolerance

Taser is an acronym for ‘Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle’ named after the series of science fiction novels of children written in the beginning of 20th century and featuring Tom Swift, a genius inventor.

The Makers
Tasetaser guns for self defense imager International based in Arizona took the initiative to manufacture the entire range of stun guns on the market today. CED, a short for conducted energy device’ is the technical name of Taser guns.

According to Taser International, over 16,200 police agencies in around 40 countries make use of this weapon to address the criminals.

Since 1998, about 543,000 immobilizers of Taser brand have been purchased by law enforcement agencies. Nowadays, many online sites offer complete line of tasers for sale.

How they work

Taser gun works the way an ordinary stuns gun works, excluding the two charged electrodes that are not joined permanently to covering.

In its place, they are placed towards the end of conductive wires, which are attached to electrical circuit of the gun.

When users pull the trigger, the cartridge of compressed gas inside the taser gun opens up and the expanding gas develops pressure at the back of electrodes, launches them through air and trails behind the attached wires.

Small barbs are used to attach the electrodes in order to make it clutch onto attackers’ clothing.

How m picture of taser guns for self defenseuch electricity do Tasers consume?

Some recent reports have confirmed that Taser Guns For Self Defense can deliver a voltage of up to 50,000 volts. This may sound as if a huge flow of electricity, but it is a deceptive way to express the power used by Tasers gun

Tasers have been designed to effect a person up to 5 centimeters of clothing with electrical shock. The electrical shock is delivered at comparatively high voltage owing to the electric current that passes through air or cloth.

As both air and cloth is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, they complete the circuit with the skin of target. While the Tasers gun can deliver the maximum voltage of 50,000 V in open air arc, the device fails to deliver much voltage to a target’s body.

Is it legpicture of taser guns for self defenseal to keep that Taser gun?

Tasers gun are not considered as firearms in United States and are thus considered legal for use by civilians in majority of states. Some of the states, counties or cities have banned its use for people other than police officers.

As an outcome, company ships these self defense weapons outside United States only when the person or agency placing the order owns valid EXIM permit.

However, Tasers are included in the category of banned weapons in Canada. A company can only import these weapons to Canada if it holds special permit. Besides, it can put up tasers for sale to law enforcement agencies.

Pros of Taser Guns

Taser guns are used by police officers to control aggressive persons without harming or using lethal defence. With taser guns like taser x26, police officers can easily arrest a suspect free form the worry, that stray bullets can kill them or injure them seriously.

The major benefit of the design of these weapons is that police officers can stun targets from a distance of 15-20 feet.

Without a image of taser guns for self defensedoubt, trasers are more life saving than the traditional options, which were harming more people and catching fewer attackers. The higher level of not-so-harmful traser guns in use proves to it be a valuable device when it comes to restrain uncooperative suspects.

Women nowadays consider carrying these non lethal weapons at workplaces or markets to ensure their safety. As the traser only stuns the attacker, you will be always on the safer side when responding to attacker.

Cons of Taser Guns

There are some cons in line with this weapon. The most common among them is the re-packing of the electrode wires and loading of new gas cartridge after every shot. This makes the process quite infuriating for the holder. And, in any case, if you miss the target, the ordinary electrodes of this stun gun electrodes will take time to come to its position again.

Though the companies claim that the device is the safest option available out there wtaser guns for self defense Imageshen it comes to use the force, some critics argue that the safety of the gun is still under the circles.

Some reports claim stun gun of causing or contributing to the death of about 50 people. Most of the suspects were defenseless at the time of attack and some were subjected to prolonged shocks.

Some human rights commissions have requested the governments to restrain the use of traser guns.

The jury has determined that the reason behind the death of people targeted by traser gun was the cardiac arrest, which increases with its prolonged deployment of this device. Still, the exact reason is unknown and the blame put on Tasers is contentious.



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